What We Do: Commercial Deck Resurfacing

Why Deck Resurfacing Helps Business

If decks are an integral part of your business’s appearance, then you should consider resurfacing options. Decks are prime locations for outdoor social events or to showcase what your business does. Like any other part of your business or home, proper maintenance is key. Deck …. Continue reading

Pool Resurfacing Brings Big Business

Considering that the first man-made swimming pool dates back 5,000 years ago, pools have come a long way. That first pool was called the “Great Bath.” Located in modern-day Pakistan at the archaeological site of Mohenjo-Daro, archaeologists report that it was lined with bricks and covered with a tar-based sealant. …. Continue reading

Regular Deck Maintenance Can Save Thousands in Repairs


About every 5-7 years you’ll need to clear coat the deck to prevent cracking and fading. The clear coat will waterproof, seal, and even restore the color of the coating. Moisture penetration is the primary cause of damage to concrete coatings, however in Arizona’s harsh summers the sun can eat …. Continue reading